The minimum increments in which a tester can take measurements.

Sample Rate

Frequency at which an A/D converter circuit senses the quantity to measure: typically, twice or three times per second.

CE Marking

CE Marking:signifies conformance to
EMC directive (2004/108/EC)
LVD directive (2006/95/EC)
RoHS directive (2011/65/EU)


A function of a tester to automatically select the appropriate measuring range based on the input signal.

Crest Factor

The ratio of the maximum value to the effective value.
It represents the range of input in which a tester maintains linear operation, expressed by a multiple of the full scale value of the range being used.
Crest factor = Maximum value/True RMS value
For sinusoidal wave;
Crest factor = 141/100 = 1.41

Distortion Factor

A degree of distortion of a waveform, typically expressed as the ratio of the effective value of harmonic components to the effective value of the fundamental component.

Peak Hold

A function to memorize the peak value over a certain period of time.
*Response time is selectable from approx. 10ms and 100ms.
Reading in the peak hold mode is the peak current value multiplies by 1/√2.
(When the input is sinusoidal, the reading is equal to the true RMS value.)

Form Factor

The ratio of the effective value to the average value.
Form factor = Effective value/Average value


Relative humidity is the ratio of the water vapour present in the air to the maximum quantity of water vapour at a given temperature. The absolute humidity quantifies the proportion of water vapour in grams per 1 cubic meter of air.

LAMBRECHT is the most experienced manufacturer of humidity measuring instruments worldwide and can draw on over 150 years of experience. Even still, the traditional measuring element, the natural hair grid, is a proven measurement principle in action. These working systems are low maintenance and corrosion resistant, thus the indoor and outdoor range of up to 100% relative humidity. Capacitive sensing elements are used in compact and combined sensors, as well as automatic weather stations. Depending on the application, at Lambrecht you will find the optimal sensor for reliable measurement of humidity.


The environmental climate is significantly impacted by the influence of warm and cold, as well as dry and humid temperatures. They contribute to the concept of well-being and are involved in many processes in industry, construction and materials management, as well as meteorology and hydrology.

The storage of food, steering and automation of industrial manufacturing processes, the drying of wood and other organic substances, the warming of the earth's surface and the optimisation of energy consumption in building technology are all fields of application for the high quality Lambrecht temperature gauges. These include long-life, maintenance free liquid thermometers, highly accurate electronic sensors and reliably registering thermographs.


The accuracy of a digital tester is defined as the difference between the reading and the true value for a quantity measured in reference conditions. Accuracy is specified in the format: (±xx% rdg ±xx dgt)

The first portion identifies a percentage error relative to the reading, which means it is proportional to the input. The second portion is an error, in digits, that is constant regardless of the input.
"Rdg"is for reading and "dgt"is for digits. Dgt indicates the counts on the last significant digit of the digital display and is typically used to represent an error factor of a digital tester.


A device for measuring the soil-water matric potential in situ; a porous, permeable ceramic cup connected through a water-filled tube to a manometer, vacuum gauge, pressure transducer, or other pressure measuring device.


See time-domain reflectometry.

pH , soil

The pH of a solution in equilibrium with soil. It is determined by means of a glass, quinhydrone, or other suitable electrode or indicator at a specified soil-solution ratio in a specified solution, usually distilled water, 0.01 M CaCl2, or 1 M KCl.


The electrical conductance of an extract from a soil saturated with distilled water, normally expressed in units of siemens or decisiemens per meter at 25? C.


Water level

For water level and depth measurement, no application is the same in surface and groundwater. OTT Hydromet offers a variety of sensors with different measurement principles, tailored to fit the specific requirements of different hydrologic measurement sites, including bubbler, pressure sensor, radar, and shaft encoder technology. Multiple telemetry options are also available for remote data acquisition


Water quality

From long term unattended monitoring to spot sampling, Hydrolab multiparameter sondes offer rugged and flexible options for water quality measurement. Choose from compact options for easy spot sampling or groundwater measurement to the larger, more robust Datasondes for more diverse sensor options and anti-fouling options.


Water flow

Accurate flow and discharge measurement has been a core competency of OTT Hydromet since we created our first flow meter in 1875. Choose from a variety of either portable or stationary measurement options using different measurement technologies, including mechanical, acoustic, Doppler, and more.


Meteorological Sensors

OTT meteorological sensors allowing users access to meteorological data with unmatched accuracy. Our OTT precipitation and present weather sensors complete your network of surface weather and water level monitoring stations. In addition to high accuracy precipitation measurement, our stations can also measure humidity and wind.