About Us

“We Know How to Measure”

Since the foundation of this company in 1983, Illuminate Gmbh is equivalent to related sciences including:

·         Hydrometer technology

·         Meteorology technology

·         Agrology & Environment technology

·         Electrical & Electronics Measuring Instruments technology

·         Voltage, Heat and Hygrometry measuring instruments to be functioned in:

-          Petrochemical industries

-          Steel industries

-          Industrial farming

-          Railway industries

-          Car manufacturing industries

-          Cement, ceramic, brick & wood industries

-          Electronics industries

-          Home Appliances industries

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The accuracy of measuring instruments is one of the most important tasks and we are fully committed to have the best after sale services to our clients.

We as Illuminate Gmbh ensure the most proper prices of devices and after sale services to the clients as well.

The Win-Win situation is our goal and this result is completely joyful for us.


You can call us as unique name “Illuminate Gmbh”

Within 40 years of experience in supplying measurement instruments to customers.

From 1984 to 2003, Illuminate Gmbh had been stationed in Dusseldorf center, Keppel Str. 30

Since then, Illuminate Gmbh moved to the new address as, Sedentaler Str. 30a 40699 Erkrath.

In 2018 a complete renewed website was launched which as active for now.

Illuminate Gmbh is allowed to use designation “unique dealer “ with a crowning of job and supporting of customers on the basis of knowledge worldwide.

We deal thousands of different items in above mentioned technologies.

We welcome all of our worldwide business partner’s inquiries sending by email.

We seriously ensure all customers to coordinate in an incredibly attractive atmosphere upon their inquiries quotations.